If you recall, back at the end of last year, I reviewed a pair of socks that vowed to stay odor-free. So, I put them to the test, and they lived up to their claims. While you certainly could try going from the gym to the office with those socks, most would probably want to change things out for a dry pair. To that end, they’ve got a dressier option, and we spent some time with a pair of them.

Right from the get-go, you can tell that the these MP Magic Socks are different from the prior pair we looked at. For starters, they’re full-length, offer a more conservative styling (just a bit of color on the toes, that’s it), and are a good bit thinner than the athletic pair. Which is fine for a dress sock, as the cushioning may not be necessary, or even desired. And, hey, as we’re getting into warmer weather, thinner socks can be the order of the day.

These MP Magic Socks do offer the same bacteria-killing, odor-resisting material as the earlier pair we looked at. I did not test these nearly as extensively as the other pair, but in the limited wears I gave it, it held up to the claims the brand lays out. What would remain to be seen is just how long-lasting the socks are. That’s the one downfall of a thinner sock – eventually you’re going to wear a hole in them. Particularly if you’re wearing it a good bit, which, if they’re not smelly on your feet, why wouldn’t you?

If you want to check out a pair of your own MP Magic Socks, you can pick up a pair of dress socks (though I don’t see the specific style we checked out) direct on their site for $9.90. The style we checked out are their Premium socks, which will be landing on IndieGogo in the near future. For those, you can check out this landing page to sign up to be notified when launched. mpmagicsocks.com

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Last Update: April 18, 2019