As you know, I’ve recently gotten into the world of glowing rings (here and here), primarily from Rune Refinery and Anilo Carbon.  Well, they’ve got a new project underway (because CarbonFi is a sister company), for the CarbonFi Aurora.

On one hand, the CarbonFi Aurora rings are rather similar to what I’ve shown you before – it’s layered carbon fiber, alternating luminous and non-luminous materials.  For this project, they’re creating rings with narrower stripes than what I’ve previously shown you.  Additionally, you’ve got some options involved:

  • You can choose the lume color (green, turquoise, red, blue, and purple on tap; more colors as possible stretch goals)
  • Width:  three different width are showing up on the project page – narrow, medium, or wide
  • Finish:  matte or glossy

Past that, of course, you’ll need to know your ring size.  What width you choose will impact that as well, with the widest ring generally being recommended to go up a 1/2 size.  Regardless of the options you’d go with, early bird pricing for the CarbonFi Aurora ring is just $61.

Rings maybe not your thing?  Well, then you’ve got another option to get some of that sweet, sweet luminous carbon fiber, in the form of a bead/keychain.  Basically, what these are are the center portion of the rings (after they’re cut from the blank), turned into something to help you location your keys, zipper pull, or whatever piece of gear.  This is a clever way to keep making use of the material, and at $25, it’s a way for you to check out the glow in person.

As it stands right now, funding for the CarbonFi Aurora project is at about 93%, with things wrapping up on February 15, 2019.  I’ve a feeling they’ll hit the mark, and given what I’ve seen from Rune Refinery and Anilo Carbon, I don’t imagine you’ll be disappointed with what you pick up from this campaign.  project page /

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