For those of you not familiar with Hager Watches, you owe it to yourself to check out what they’re making.  Yes, it’s another small, boutique type brand coming out with mechanical watches, but it’s one of a small group of American manufacturers.

And that’s where today’s post comes into play.  Over on Crowdfunder (project page), they’ve created a project that is aiming to bring watch production here to the States, with a focus on high-quality automatic watches utilizing Swiss components.


At the lowest sponsor level ($320) you can pick up their Classic Commando, which is pictured directly above.  Which, for a 40mm stainless case and Seagull movement, you might think the pricing is a bit high.  You do also get some additional goodies (mug, hat, and cufflinks), along with being able to help the project get off the ground.


Jump up to $600, and you can grab yourself a Hager Professional model (also pictured above).  They’re comparing this against a Tag Heuer model – which I can’t speak to how directly it would stack up, it is a rather nice looking watch (yes, the slide shows $800, which is the intended MSRP).


Most interesting to me (of the watch offerings) is the GMT Commando at the $900 price-point.  Again, I’m not sure how it would truly compare to a GMT Master II, but it is another attractive watch with a handy set of complications (GMT and date).


Of the non-watch stuff that I find interesting, that would have to be the cufflinks, which seem to be tied to the hat reward at $85.  I know not many folks wear cuff links (I do at least once a week), but for those that do, this is a nice little nod to a watch addiction that is just plain cool looking.

Unfortunately, it looks like the funding might fall a bit short on this one, but we’ll see – hopefully it will take off.  And I’m also hearing word that the project deadline may be extended, so you may have a little more time to get in and show your support.

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Last Update: February 6, 2013