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Hexa Osprey Watches on Touch of Modern


Hexa Osprey 01With the holidays right around the corner, we are going to be highlighting sales from time to time, and I wanted to bring this one to your attention.  Touch of Modern is a membership site that runs short duration sales, usually for about a week.  If you are not yet a member, you can join through this link, it is free.  Through November 11 at noon Pacific, the site is having a sale on Hexa Osprey Dive watches.

Hexa Osprey 05I wrote about the watch back in September, and at that time, the brand was selling them for $699, marked down from $949.  Well, that deal is over, but ToM has them for an even lower price, $499.99.  When I wrote about the watch, I thought that it was an attractive watch and reasonably priced, and that the ceramic bezel insert, the sunray dial and the US assembly added some additional value.  But at $699, I did not consider it a real steal.  Well, at $499, I might just change my mind.

Hexa Osprey 04If you are in the market for a classic and capable automatic dive watch, the Hexa Osprey is certainly worthy of consideration.  At $949, and even $699, you might weigh in how much extra you are willing to pay for a US assembled watch.  At $499, you can just put it against the competition and evaluate it without giving bonus points for the country of origin.  If the Hexa is not floating your boat, ToM has a watch specific shop you can check out at well, and they have been running a lot of sales on high end watches as well.  There is also a deal where you get $25 in store credit for every $100 you spend, and if you are not a member and you sign up with this link, you also get a $10 credit on your first order.



  1. good looking dive watch but the price is really inconsistent. How can the price vary widely within 3 months? They just gave $250 off in Sept and the normal price of $950 in Oct. Now, they want to offer a markdown of $450 in November. Perhaps, next month they will provide Christmas spectacular discounts. This watch is a bad investment.

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