3d printed clock

Today’s Historical Horology post is a bit of a diversion.  To be sure, our beloved watches have their roots in the clocks of yore, and you’d even find similarities (albeit with larger pieces) if you took apart a mechanical clock and compared it to a mechanical watch.  What we don’t have, however, is this.A fully modern mechanical clock.

You might wonder, why build such a thing?  To that, the answer is simple – aside from the satisfaction from having something made from your own hands, with this project, you’ve got a better understanding of how mechanical timekeeping works, with one of the earliest iterations of the art.

Of course, this being the day and age that it is, it means the parts (all of the parts) are 3D printed.  No word if John is going to tackle this one on his printer, but I think it would be amazing to see someone else take up this project and start getting some other iterations in to the wild.

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Last Update: March 5, 2014