Omega Men's Seamaster Mid Size Watch 2252.50.00

2 thoughts on “Hunting High and Low for an Omega Seamaster Mid-Size Bracelet”
  1. I’ve chosen this one over the beautiful (but increasingly common) james bond one and Phew am i glad i did! – In the year I bought this style 7 different people i know bought the james bond one, even a young sales guy i ended up sacking!!!! you see it whereever you go, worn by fat balding film buffs, rather than the sporty suave handsome types that typify it!

    I also have actually taken up diving and can say that my version is the superior type to actually go diving with, much easier to read at 20m off the cost of britain! – plus it looks so retro/even 50’s which the style will never go out of fashion, unlike the james bond type!

    if you want to be a pack animal – follow the crowd with the james bond one, if you want to stand out, choose this version!

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