Given that we here at WWR are, well, guys, we tend to write about and review watches that are meant for guys. But today, we’ve got a review that’s specifically for the ladies. Which isn’t to say a woman couldn’t wear a “mens” watch – many do, and do so quite well. However, if you want a watch designed for a woman’s wrist, that’s where the Bia Rosie comes in.

First things first – one of the things that I like about the Bia Rosie is how, exactly, they went about making this a watch for women. It’s not some generic model slathered with sparkly, but fake, gems (setting precious stones in is a different game altogether), or relying on hearts or flowers on the dial to sell it. No, for this, they made a watch that is sized for a smaller wrist, and threw in colors that may not get as much traction with guys.

When I told my wife I had a watch coming in that I’d need her help with, she was agreeable, but I know we’ve had mixed success with it in the past. Fortunately, the Bia Rosie hit of lot of the right marks for my wife. While some watches just don’t fit right on the wrist (something we all have experienced), she felt that the Bia Rosie fit just perfectly once we had the bracelet sized. She also really appreciated that the dial was full-lume, and liked the bright green color. In fact, while my wife doesn’t often wear a watch, she found herself putting this one on more regularly, she enjoyed it that much.

So, there you go – I’d say that the Bia Rosie was a success in finding a spot on my wife’s wrist for this review. From my perspective, I like the fact that, though a touch smaller, it still looks like a regular dive watch. As well as the fact that there are some bits of polish on the bezel and bracelet, making it feel a bit more refined.

The Bia Rosie is powered by a quartz Miyota movement, so this is a watch that will of course just keep running for years. Once you’ve got it set, you’ll only need to unscrew the crown every now and again to adjust the date. You can get your own Bia Rosie for either $175 (on a silicone strap) or $225 (on the bracelet) in a variety of colors. With it’s steel case, hardened mineral crystal, and 200m WR rating, it’s a watch that’ll be ready for whatever life throws at it. You can check out the full collection over at

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Bia Rosie (B2007)
  • Price: $175 (silicone strap) / $225 (bracelet)
  • Who we think it might be for: The women who wants a more diminutive watch, and wants it to be ready for whatever daily life has in store
  • Would I buy one for my wife based on what I’ve seen?: After her extremely positive reaction to it, for sure
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Why not start from the Rosie as a base, and make a slightly larger “Riveter” version for a hers-and-his matched combo?
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: It looks and feels like a well-sorted quartz diver, that also happens to just be designated for smaller wrists

Tech Specs from Bia

  • 38mm 316L stainless steel case
  • Screw down crown and case back 
  • Uni-directional Rotating Dive Timing Bezel
  • Japan Quartz (Miyota 2317) Three Hand and Date Movement
  • Visible247 illumination technology in the dials (10 minutes of light exposure yields 10 hours of glow)
  • Highly scratch resistant K1 glass crystal 
  • 200 meters water resistant 
  • Solid link bracelet with butterfly clasp

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