Today, we’re wrapping up the trio of reviews for some Briston loaners we had in. First, we looked at an acetate-encased chronograph, and then we look at a chronograph with a steel case. Today, we’re headed back to the acetate case, but with a much different complication on the movement. Let’s dig into the Briston Clubmaster Traveler Worldtime Acetate.

What is it?

While you might be tempted to think of the Briston Clubmaster Traveler Worldtime Acetate as a GMT watch, the extra ring printed around the outside of the dial makes it more than that. We mean, yes, there’s a GMT hand, and you can set that to track as you need. However, with the city ring around the outside, you can get things set (by aligning up the city you’re in, or is at least in your timezone) and then, at a glance, you can see what time it is in any of those major world cities. So, if you’ve found yourself wishing that your GMT watch had “just a little bit more” to it, then perhaps a worldtime watch is where you need to look. Also particularly handy if you need to know the time in a variety of spots across the world.

What do we like about it?

Just as with the prior one, for me it was all about that tortoiseshell case. The material itself lightens things up a bit, and then it gives you an organic warmth to the look that just really shifts things around a bit. With the red strap it comes with, things pop a nice, but this is one you could really have some fun with when it comes to changing out that strap.

Secondly, the SW330-1 movement inside is a definite nice-to-have in this watch, giving you some Swiss reliability and accuracy, while of course enabling the GMT complication to come home to roost. We also like that, should you not need the world time readout, they’re printed at a size that doesn’t dominate the dial, but still legible should you need them.

What would we change?

If we were going to suggest anything, it would be to let the creative team really get loose with the colors. Sure, the black dial is a classic look, but that tortoiseshell seems to cry out for something a bit more adventurous. Perhaps it it was just with bolder accent colors, those could then be reflected in a wilder print on the nylon strap. If things went that route, we’d also maybe play with a different finish or color on the polished bezel.

What’s it like wearing the watch?

I usually find a 42mm case to pretty wearable on my 7.25″ wrist, and the lighter case and strap definitely helps keep the weight down. You can tell the watch itself is lighter than a steel version would be, as it’s not moving around a lot on the nylon strap throughout the day. Basically, you get it on, and go about your day, and it’s there ready to get your the time data you need, when you need it.

How can I get one?

Just as with the prior Briston watches we reviewed, these are available directly from Briston. While the prior two were in the more-affordable realm, the Briston Clubmaster Traveler Worldtime Acetate verges on into luxury watch territory with the Swiss movement and functionality. If you want to get one, they’re available for $1,600. We’d just suggest you set aside some budget for picking up even more 20mm straps to snug into those lugs.

Tech Specs from Briston

  • MATERIAL CASE: Tortoise shell acetate
  • FINISHINGCASE SIZE: 42 x 42 mm
  • MOVEMENT: Swiss Automatic movement SW330-1
  • FUNCTION: HMS Date (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) and GMT function with a 24 time zones inner bezel
  • DURATION TIME: Up to 42 hours
  • DIAL OPENING: 33,5 mm
  • DIAL COLOR: Black
  • THICKNESS: 11,45 mm
  • GLASS: Ultra-resistant sapphire glass – 2,1 mm thickness
  • HANDS: Baton hands with white Superluminova® C1 inserts
  • WATER RESISTANCE: 100 meters / 10 ATM
  • STRAP: Red Interchangeable nylon (NATO)
  • STRAP LENGTH: 280 mm
  • STRAP WIDTH: 20 mm

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Last Update: August 9, 2023