Earlier this month, we told you about the Fossil Batman collection that was coming out with the new movie that opened on March 4th. While I may not have seen the movie just yet, I have indeed seen one of the watches from the collection – the Fossil Riddler.

Now, for me, Fossil and Batman go back quite a ways. While I no longer have it, back in my 20s I had a Fossil with a very subtle Batlogo showing up on a subdial. The Fossil Riddler, there’s nothing subtle about this one. For starters, we’ve got two wildly different pieces on the strap – one side is black, the other has a green-and-black checkerboard on it. The green then continues on to the bezel around the crystal, and then shows up on the dial itself.

There, of course, the Fossil Riddler has the Batsymbol, defaced here with the Riddler’s question mark. That same question mark is the subseconds indicator is well. Finally, even MORE question marks are imprinted in the dial, making you question everything you knew. Unfortunately, for all of this, only the hands on the watch are lumed. I mean, how could would it have been to have clear lume fill on those question marks to have them pop out in the dark. Not to mention that Batsymbol or the subseconds question mark.

Around the back of the watch, you’ve got the movie logo on the caseback, as well as which number it is you have of the limited edition. As we expect with a Fossil watch, it’s quartz driven, which makes for a very slim watch. It looks even slimmer in comparison to the 44mm case. Still, it’s light, and given how thin it is, I found it to be pretty wearable.

All in all, the Fossil Riddler feels like more than a simple money grab. Instead of just changing colors and silkscreening a logo on there, they actually did some interesting things with the dial, embraced the color scheme of the Riddler, and threw a funky strap combo in there for good measure. Want to pick one up? It’s just $160 direct from fossil.com

Tech Specs from Fossil

  • Ion-plated 44mm case
  • Quartz movement
  • Checker-patterned leather strap
  • Limited edition: 1595 pieces

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Last Update: March 18, 2022