Since it’s mostly guys writing about watches here at WWR, those are what we tend to write about. And frankly, that’s shortchanging a whole slice of watch brand catalogs, and we’re trying to do better with that. One of the latest to pop up is the brand new Citizen Arezzo collection.

For the Citizen Arezzo collection, diamonds are the big distinctive here to set them apart from being guy’s watches. While I can find that off-putting on some models, I do like how they’re done here – either set on the bezel (60 diamonds), or set on the dial (8 diamonds) as indices. Whichever you choose, it’ll rely on an EcoDrive movement (we’re fans of that) and comes housed in a 32mm case.

For the diamond bezels, the Citizen Arezzo collection is available on bracelets in stainless steel and yellow gold tone and in pink gold tone on strap. If, instead, you want the diamond dial, you have three styles to choose from: stainless steel, a rose/steel two-tone combination and a yellow/steel two-tone combination.

Depending on the choice of Citizen Arezzo you make, the diamond dial versions range from $450 – $495, while the diamond bezel bumps the price up to $750 – $850. Either way, it’s a classic, timeless look that will run and run and run with the EcoDrive movement. You can check out the full collection – and buy one – direct from

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