As you’re well aware (yup, that’s me being presumptious), Chicago and the surrounding areas have had quite a few interesting watch brands pop up in the past few years. One that actually calls Indiana home (but can still take a train into the Windy City) is Visitor Watch Co. We were hands-on with their first watch and now we’re quite overdue to tell you about their latest offering, the Visitor Watch Co Linden.

For me, the watches coming from Visitor have a very distinct design language, and the Visitor Watch Co Linden is no exception to that rule. And frankly, that’s not a surprise here, as it’s the same dial and handset that we saw in the Duneshore being placed into a new, smaller, case. This one is 39mm (48.5mm lug-to-lug) and just 10.5mm thick. To my eyes, that seems like a nicely sized case – compact, but not so small it disappears on the wrist.

While the dial on the Visitor Watch Co Linden is the same as we’ve seen before, we’ve got new colors in the mix. You’ve got your standard black and white, but there’s also a blue, and a mauve. Now, my gut reaction is to declare the blue the winner, but something about that mauve is calling to me. It’s a unique color for a watch, and it just looks to work so well in the photos.

Regardless of the dial color you’d go for, you’ll have some nice bright lume courtesy of the BGW9 paint. There’s also a surprising spot for the glow to appear – on the date disc. I often call out brands for not color-matching the date disc to their dials, or at least coming up with a darker disc to go with dark dials. It’s not just small brands (which is understandable), but the big brands as well. But here we’ve got one of the little guys not only coming up with the darker date disc, they managed to get one where the date glows. Is it unnecessary? Of course it is, who needs to check the date in the dark? But do I totally dig it? Of course I do!

Along with the four different dial colors of the Visitor Watch Co Linden, there are seven different strap options available. Depending on which strap you choose, the watch will run you between $580 and $590. That, friends, is a tidy price for one of the more unique looks out there in the dial and handset game. Definitely mark us down as fans.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Visitor Watch Co Linden
  • Price: $580 – $590
  • Who we think it might be for: You dug the look of the Duneshore, but were holding out for a more traditional style of case
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen? Yeah, I think I probably would

Tech Specs from Visitor

  • Case
    • Steel; three-piece construction with alternating finishes
    • Diameter: 39mm
    • Thickness: 10.5mm
    • Lug-to-lug: 48.5mm
  • Crystal: sapphire (both front and rear)
  • Movement:
    • Miyota 9015 with custom rotor
    • Custom date disc with black background and lumed numerals
  • Dial
    • 4 colors: white, black, mauve, blue
    • Printed cross-hair
  • Lume: BGW9
  • Price: $580 – $590, depending on strap selection

ByPatrick Kansa

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