While Zodiac may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’ve become fond of their vaguely retro GMT models and the brightly color models, particularly on their comfortable 5-link bracelets. However, with this latest release, I may have to bump their “Skin” (short for skindiver, one presumes) to the top of my personal list.

Now, while these are new versions, they’re really more like just some new colors on their existing models. However, what I’m particularly intrigued by is tha tfact that, while the dials keep the crisp and easy-to-read white on black color scheme, the lume they’vev used here is actually orange. That’s not a glow color we see that often, and while perhaps not as bright as green or blue, it definitely gives the watches a different look in the dark.

While the Compression introduced here with it’s keystone hands is one I’ve liked in the past (reviewed here), it’s the new Skindiver models that have caught my eye. Something about those large triangular indices at the compass points is compelling, and I’m sure showcases that orange lume quite well.

Both of these models are powered by the STP 1-11 movement (helps being part of the Fossil group in that regard), and has pricing that ranges from $1,095 to $1,295 – depending on finish and strap or bracelet. Each of these four models will only have 500 pieces produced; check them out over at zodiacwatches.com

ByPatrick Kansa

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