Today, we’re going to talk about an older brand that’s new again – Yonger & Bresson. They originally started up back in 1974, but of course it’s newly starting up. What might help you feel a little more comfortable with the brand is that they’re part of the same group that houses another French brand we’re quite familiar with – Yema. So, what is it that you’ll get with the Yonger & Bresson Le Singulier?

Here, the Yonger & Bresson Le Singulier is going for a dressier profile in a tonneau case, one that measures in at 36mm x 49mm. So, it’ll be a bit narrower on the wrist, but it should stretch across your wrist quite nicely. They’ve even got a bit of a curve built into the caseback to help them fit your wrist more comfortably.

The design of the Yonger & Bresson Le Singulier – both the case and it’s skeleton dial – have sprung from the creative minds of the Franck Muller Design Team, so there’s another familiar name popping into the design. In terms of skeletonization, the dial is done a bit differently than I’d expect. You’ve got a circular cutout on the dial, but then over that (and under the handset) you’ve got some artistic interpretations of jewel settings in a movement. It also reminds me – a little bit – of the sort of interpreted designs you can sometimes see in wrought iron fences.

The movement that you see ticking away in the Yonger & Bresson Le Singulier is the Miyota 8N24, which should get the timekeeping job done just fine, while helping keep the costs down. Speaking of – with the earlybird tiers they’ve got, you can get in on this for about $290 (inside the EU you’ve got VAT to deal with as well). The watch is available in three colors – silver, gold, and black – all paired to a silicone strap with color-matched deployant clasps.

The campaign for the Yonger & Bresson Le Singulier ends on October 30, so you’ve got a few days to check out this fully-funded campaign. For our part, we did just get some prototypes in, so we’ll be working up a full review (but likely not in time to published prior to the campaign closing). The campaign is fully funded at this point, and earlybird backers should be seeing their watches in December. Check it out at and

Tech Specs from Yonger & Bresson

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