In our more recent boot reviews (here and here) we’ve focused in on a variety of different barefoot-style boots.  While I’ve found those to be rather comfortable, we realize that that is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Styling can be a large part of that, particularly if you’re looking for a pair of boots that cut a more traditional profile.  To that end, we’ve been spending time with a pair of Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick boots.

From the get-go, the Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick present  style that most guys are going to be thinking of when they’re on the hunt for a pair of boots to head to the office in, or even to spiff up a more casual weekend ensemble – and I cannot dispute that.  I mean, I’ve worn these boots to the office, over the weekends, and even with some slacks and a sport coat, and it worked marvelously for all those scenarios.  Part of that was likely due to the fact our sample was in black leather (there’s also a brown option), but it comes down to the captoe style.

And speaking of toes – the toe box on the Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick is, again, more traditional than our prior reviews.  A bit flatter, and definitely narrower, than the barefoot-style boots.  I still had a little bit of wiggle room for my toes throughout the day, but it is a noticeable difference.  Another big difference for these boots is the lining.  In this case, they have a very, very soft leather lining.  I’m generally used to a fabric, or even unlined, experience, in boots, so this was a treat.  Now, I know what you’re thinking – that’s a second layer of leather in a new pair of boots – breaking them in is going to be painful.

Well, surprisingly, it wasn’t.  Both the outer and inner leathers are relatively soft.  And yes, there was some getting the boots acquainted with my feet going on those first few days, but after that, the comfort was quick to come by.  With the side zipper on the boots, that also means that, once you’ve got your laces locked at the tightness you’re wanting, you may not have to fiddle with them.  For my part, I occasionally had them come off the speed hooks while unzipped, but it’s a quick re-looping and you’re good to go.  Also of note – with the side zipper, the tongue of the boot is fairly fixed in place.  That means you won’t have it twisting to one side or the other during the day (or perhaps that’s just me that has that happen).

For the soles of the Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick, you’ve got a very well-known name – Vibram.  This is a springy sort of a lug sole that is in place, which helps to lighten things a bit, as well as helping to keep your footsteps from clopping down the hallway.  Of note, the Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick can also be resoled, which is a big plus in a good pair of shoes.  If you’re able to re-sole them, that means that, so long as you’re taking care of the leather, you’ve got boots (or shoes) that can last for a good long time.  Perhaps a bit more expensive up front, but cheaper in the long run.  That’s definitely something I look for in a shoe or boot.

Of course, long-term testing of a boot, for it’s longevity, is something that can really only be done over the long term.  If a brand is willing to create a construction that can be resoled, then it would seem that they’ve got confidence in what they’ve created.  For the shorter time I’ve had them on my feet, I’ve not noticed any issues with construction (ie, nothing is falling apart or frayed).  I have noticed that the leather does have a peculiar odor.  It’s not quite that “mmm, leather” scent, nor is it quite the chemically smell you get from lower quality leather.  I’ve a feeling that it comes from whatever the antiquing treatment is that they’re applying, and hopeful that it will dissipate more over time.  No sense in dealing with boots that put people’s noses on notice in a small room, now is there?

Coming in at $265, the Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick are one of the more expensive boots we’ve reviewed to date. As I mentioned, though, the ability to resole means you’ve got a better long-term cost involved here. And frankly, $265 is not all that much for a good quality leather boot.  I found it’s styling to be great for a variety of occasions (the lugged sole stops it short of being a full-on dress boot), and a very comfortable one for wandering around on the concrete in my regular commute.  In other words, it’s a good all-around boot.  Perhaps not one to wear out on the trails, but otherwise, it should serve you in good stead.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick
  • Price:  $265
  • Who’s it for? You like your boots in a classic profile, you want to be able to resole it, and you want it affordable
  • Would I wear it? Without a doubt
  • The best thing about it: With the brown edging on the sole, it makes for black boots that are more versatile.  That, and the side zipper, which is a treat on a taller boot
  • What I’d change about it:  Aside from a thumb loop on the back (which would mess up the profile a bit), I really wish the antiquing treatment didn’t inflict the scent that it does
  • Watch it pairs best with:  The Mido Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition – can’t get more color-coordinated than that!
 Tech Specs from Samuel Hubbard
  • Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel and eliminates pressure points.
  • Custom Vibram® soles put a spring in your stride and provide all day support.
  • Lightweight Kevlar® shank provides sturdy arch support.
  • Triple-Density memory foam insole, topped in silky smooth leather. Easily removed if you wish to use your own orthotics.
  • Easily resoled for years of comfort. See our Resole Program.
  • Designed in Mill Valley, CA. Handcrafted in Portugal.

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Last Update: April 17, 2018