If you recall, I was rather impressed by the Chyros when we reviewed it (here) last year.  This year, they’ve added an interesting twist to the model, placing a cutout on the dial, allowing you to see the balance wheel at work.

When you’re viewing a mechanical movement, be it manual or automatic, the most active portion of a standard (non-chronograph) one is going to be the balance wheel.  So, in many ways, it makes sense to include a cutout on the dial to allow you an easily-accessible glimpse at the wheel.


Sure, you could see the movement through the display caseback, but how often are you taking your watch off throughout the day?  While this isn’t something I would want on every watch, I do appreciate it on a few models that have it.  Even with a fully skeletonized dial, often times that just makes things difficult for telling the time.  With this, you maintain legibility while seeing the machine work.


On this particular model, though, it’s a tradeoff of sorts.  With the original Chyros, you get a date display (personally, the complication that I find to be one of the most useful); with the Open Balance variant, you lose the date display in favor of the “open heart” design.


Regardless of the model you choose, it’s a watch that packs some visual impact, and is well built with a reliable movement.  You can purchase the new Open Balance for a bit over $1400, once you exchange the currency and exclude the VAT charges (pricing is listed as 1380 EUR within the EU).

ByPatrick Kansa

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