After a Kickstarter launch last year that hit five figures but fell just short of funding, the Bauhaus bad boys at Meshable are back. The watch is the same—their Miyota 9015-powered time/date “003”—but the funding goal is reduced to match what was pledged last time. Given that they raised the same amount just a few months ago, this time funding seems likely.

The watch is unchanged, with a tubular case, sparse dial with date window just inboard of 3:00, and slender stick hands. The crown is still a square little nub—a neat feature that, along with the angular lugs, gives some sharpness to the subdued round aesthetic.  Patrick has a full preview here.

Also unchanged is the chroma-erotic Kickstarter video, which highlights the subtle blue and purple circle that rings the canon pinion. It’s so subtle, in fact, that the video doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without that detail in mind. Or, perhaps, even with it.

Kickstarter methods aside, this is a watch with purpose. It captures the Bauhaus aesthetic at a killer price point and moves Meshable from a purveyor of quartz-driven timepieces into the next level of watchmaking. And they’re already half-way to funded on day one.

Last Update: January 24, 2017