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I recently caught word of this new lineup coming out from Nooka and, being the Bat-fan that I am, I couldn’t resist writing it up. As you might have surmised from the title of the article (and the images), Nooka signed a license with DC, and they’ve got five different Zub Zirc models, each one corresponding to a member of the Justice League (or, for those like me who grew up with the show, a Super Friend).


The Zub Zirc is a fairly basic digital quartz watch, in terms of function – you’ve got the time, an alarm capability, and chronograph functions. How they make things interesting is in the presentation of those various elements. You’ve got 12 circles arranged in a circle to indicate the hour, a vertical bar underneath that for the minutes, and then a small window off to the side for the seconds.


This in and of itself makes it one of the more unique looking digital watches you’re likely to pick up. For this DC teamup, they’ve added color palettes that correspond to the character (ie, black and yellow for Batman), along with the symbol, or logo, that represents the character. As far as licensed watches go, this is one of the more unique. I mean, if you’re going to have a watch based on a comic book character, you might as well have it be one that stands out, right?


The tricky part with these particular watches is the availability. If you find yourself in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, these find your local Common Good Society shop and pick up your favorite. Otherwise, head to their webpage and get and order in (unfortunately, the Batman variant is sold out) at around $120 apiece (plus shipping).

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