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Divers love their orange watches.  Well, at least some of them do, since most divers are offered in a variation with an orange dial.  According to Doxa, they were the first to use orange as a way to make the dial more readable in low light situations, way back in 1966 (hey, it is as old as I am). But I don’t have over $2,000 for a dive watch, and with the wide range of watches out there, the Prometheus Piranha makes a strong case for being a great choice under $500.

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Patrick took a look at the Prometheus Piranha in October, though he didn’t get it hands-on.  Patrick is a fan of the brand, and had nice things to say about the watch, but he ultimately didn’t care for the style of the case.  When they offered a review piece, I was thinking along the same lines as Patrick, but I thought I should take a look anyway.  In fact, I was prepared to not like the watch, but my opinion changed the instant I opened the package.  I can say now that the case is really well done and is one of my favorite elements of the watch.

Prometheus Piranha 02

Prometheus Piranha 04

Beyond the shrouds protecting the sides of the bezel, the 44 mm case itself has a fair number of facets and angles.  Patrick’s take on the watch, as well as what Prometheus lists as an inspiration, are the divers of the 60s and 70s.  While I can see a bit of kinship to those watches, I really feel that this case design is more modern and not at all dated.  What is not present are crown protectors, but the large and deeply knurled screw down crown probably does not need the protection, and the case works just fine without them.

Prometheus Piranha 05

Like most modern divers, the underwater specs are overkill.  The watch is rated to 500 meters, and there is a helium escape valve in the case at 9:00, just in case you happen to be diving on trimix.  The movement is the reliable Miyota 9015 automatic, and the front crystal is a flat sapphire with a beveled edge to it were meets the bezel, so the surface of the crystal sits a bit higher than the bezel.  The markings on the bezel are machined into it, no aluminum or ceramic bezel ring here, but the markings are very clear and very readable in the light with the black paint.

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Prometheus Piranha 06

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Prometheus Piranha Dive Watch
  • Price: $372 (with current discount and exchange rate, $422 without)
  • Who’s it for?: Fans of bold diver watches.
  • Would I wear it?:  I have been wearing it a lot, so yes.
  • What I’d change: Maybe natural rubber or silicone instead of polyurethane rubber for the strap.
  • The best thing about it:  I like the case design.

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