Guess who’s back, back again. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for another reader review! Ok, sure, it has not been that long since we featured one but we really enjoy sharing what our readers are wearing, and what they think of the watches they are spending quality time with. Today, we have a review from Jose C of the Magrette Dual Time watch, the spiritual successor to the Magrette Regattare 2011. On with the show!


Packaging: The Magrette Dual time comes in a very nice leather box. Inside, you will receive the watch, a leather travel case, and a brown leather strap with the signature Magrette buckle to interchange with the black leather strap that comes with the watch. Magrette has really paid attention to the little details around the packaging that any watch lover is really going to appreciate. No expense has been spared.

Dial, Case and movement: The Magrette Dual Time has an absolutely gorgeous dial. It has a very sporty look that most anyone will appreciate. The hour markers are really nicely done, and since it’s a sandwich dial, the numbers above the markers give it a nice depth when looking at it. One little detail that might be overlooked, but I absolutely love, is the red tip on the seconds hand. Magrette have paid very good attention to detail, and they definitely get bonus points for this.

Since it is a dual time, one can move the numbers to track a second time zone using the top crown. Both crowns are, I might add, screw down crowns, and that allows for this watch to have its 200M water resistance, which makes this piece very versatile. The case itself is a cushion case, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It gives the watch a rather sporty look, and you feel like you should be out racing on the Nurburgring in a 911 when wearing this piece. It is absolutely stunning.

As for the movement, it is a Japenese Miyota 9015 movement. This is my first experience with this movement, and I absolutely love it. Since it has 28,800 BPH, the seconds hand sweep is very smooth. This is something that I love and appreciate, since I am a sucker for a smooth sweep of the seconds hand.


The Caseback and back of the leather strap: The caseback has a frigatebird (which I am assuming is a bird native to New Zealand) and several engravings indicating the its limited edition status. Only 500 pieces of this version were created, so you really do feel like you have something very special in your hands. Also, the red leather back is amazing. It is rich red, and the leather itself is of very high quality, so it only makes it that much better.


On the wrist: The Magrette Dual Time is a big watch, but even on my small wrists, it looks right at home. It is a very comfortable watch, and it really does have presence. Don’t be surprised if you get several compliments while wearing this stunner, as they are very well deserved.


Lume shot: The lume on this watch is very strong. It rivals that of my Seiko SKX, and we all know what the Seiko brings to the table when it comes to its lume.

And with that, we’ll wrap things up. Our thanks goes out to Jose C for sharing his thoughts (and photos), and of course to Magrette for continuing to create some great, affordable watches. If you have your own watch that you’d like to write up a review for, get some photos ready (at least 1000 px wide, please), start writing, and then drop us a line. We’re looking forward to what comes in next!

Last Update: July 12, 2016