By now, you should be familiar with SevenFriday, and the watches they’ve been producing. We’ve covered a number of them (most recently here). Those watches have all been very recognizeable. For their 10th anniversary, SevenFriday has come up with something quite different: the SevenFriday Free-D 2 and 3.

As you can guess from that model name, there was a Free-D 1 that came before. Really, what we’ve got for these two new models is a couple of new colors for the 3D-printed “cage” that goes around the titanium case. And really, that’s what makes the Free-D watches so interesting.

By going with 3D printing, SevenFriday was really freed up with how they could attach the watch to the strap, and come up with some rather unique shapes. With something as out there as this is, a standard three-hander just wouldn’t suffice. Keeping with the disc-based system they know, you’ve got the time (hours/minutes/seconds) displayed in the lower portion of the dial. So, a little bit of a learning curve to read it, but I’m sure you’ll adapt to it quickly (we’re working to get a loaner in, so we’ll let you know).

Want to get a SevenFriday Free-D? Well, aside from digging 4,500 CHF (approx. $4,700) out of the bank, you’ll need to do another step – installing the SevenFriday app on your phone. This is what you use to register your watch, but for the Free-D, it’s the only way you can purchase the watch. Then again, only 50 of each color was made, so it may not be easy to come by.

Tech Specs from SevenFriday

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