SevenFriday Free-D-B

Back in 2022, we reviewed one of SevenFriday’s first forays into 3D printing, the Free-D 2. While that version built up protection for the case with the 3D printing in a blockier form, the new SevenFriday Free-D-B smooths it out into an organic-looking version.

SevenFriday Free-D-B

The material

Yes, the SevenFriday Free-D-B has all of the usual materials here, including stainless steel (for the case), leather (for the strap) and sapphire (for the crystals). The resin used here is the new part of the equation. Depending on the color, they’ve used either PA11 or PA12. This is a polyamide that’s apparently been put to use in medical, aerospace, and motorsports applications. Suffice to say, that’s some rigorous testing, so it should work well on a watch.

The first place to notice the material is in that shell that snaps on over the body of the watch, and provides the mounting points for the strap. It’s also present on the dial itself (covering the time discs), on the cover of the rotor, and in the inserts in the leather strap.

The SevenFriday Free-D-B as a timekeeper

To look at photos of the watch, I’m put in mind of creations that come from MB&F or URWERK. Not that it’s trying to imitate those brands – it’s just reaching towards a design language that mixes up what we expect from the look of a watch, as well as how time is displayed. Here, it’s accomplished by two discs. The hours are indicated at 12 o’clock, while the minutes and seconds are at 6 o’clock. All of this is driven by a Sellita SW300-1 movement, so it should be plenty accurate.

Wrapping things up

I think for many, a watch like the SevenFriday Free-D-B is going to be an acquired taste. We’re used to smooth finishes in our watches, but that’s not what we have here. Could the plastic have been smoothed, either on the protector or on the dial? Yes, it could have. But then you’d lose the visual indication that this is a different material being used here. Frankly, I like seeing the new methods being put to use, because it’s just a matter of time until we have them printing in steel or titanium, I’m guessing.

If you want to pick up one of these, you’ll be in rare company. There are the three colors – white, pink, and turquoise – and only 30 of each are being made. Pricing comes in at $5,500, so you’re definitely voting with your wallet on the new manufacturing technique. It will be available in their app or at a few retailers.

SevenFriday Free-D-B

SevenFriday Free-D-B Tech Specs

  • Pricing: USD 5’500,- / CHF 5’000,- / EUR 5’280,- (ex. VAT)
    • Case: Stainless steel 316L
    • Logo plate: stainless steel, screwed on a 3D printed shell in PA11 MJF
    • Movement: Swiss automatic movement Sellita SW300-1
    • Water resistance: 3 ATM
  • 3D DIAL
    • FDB/01: PA12 MJF in white
    • FDB/02: PA11 MJF in pink
    • FDB/03: PA11 MJF in turquoise
    • Domed discs for hour, minute and second indication
    • Black galvanic finishing
    • Indicators and numbers in silver
    • Read the hours at 12H and read the minutes at 6H
    • Surrounded by CNC machine pointer in stainless steel
    • 3D printed rotor cover in PA11 or PA12 MJF with Riley logo
    • Caseback is equipped with NFC Chip that allows authenticity verification through the SEVENFRIDAY App for iOs and Android
    • Front: TV shape domed sapphire glass
    • Inner antireflective coating
    • Backside: Round shape domed sapphire glass
    • Inner antireflective coating
    • FDB/01:
      • White hand- stitched calf skin leather
      • Strap insert in 3D printed PA11 MJF in grey
    • FDB/02:
      • Black hand- stitched calf skin leather
      • Strap insert in 3D printed PA11 MJF in pink
        54.25 x 44.4mm
    • FDB/03:
      • Black hand- stitched calf skin leather
      • Strap insert in 3D printed PA11 MJF in turquoise
    • Space capsule (6-12H x 3-9H): 45.25 x 45mm
    • Space capsule with 3D printed protection gear: 54.25 x 44.4mm

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