A few days ago, word came out about the very first watch from Grail Watch, a brand started by Wei Koh and Revolution. For the very first release, they swung for the fences and hit a home run by combining two of the more unique designers in watchmaking today – Benoît Mintiens of Ressence, and Alain Silberstein. From them sprung the Type 1 REV Grail Watch.

This watch – or at least its design – started life as the lovely Ressence Type 1 Slim which is an engineering marvel. Frankly, all of the Ressence watches are, with the ROCS system that they have to display the time, with the dial (and the subdials) rotating around to indicate the passing of time.

To that bit of creative engineering, the Type 1 REV Grail Watch puts a healthy dose of artistry on display, with details and colors (for myself, it’s the “hands” particularly) that are just so identifiably Alain Silberstein. At first, it would seem timekeeping with this watch would be tricky, but I think the owner that has this will figure it out soon enough. And how cool would that be, to basically be able to look at a piece of art and extract a piece of tangible (and ever-changing) data?

Even so, the Type 1 REV Grail Watch definitely changes your interpretation of – and interaction with – time. It surely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have to say I’m definitely intrigued by this first Grail Watch. Then again, with only 36 pieces being made at a price of CHF 22,500 (approx. $24,112) it’s not a decision many of us will have to make. If you want to put one of these canvases on your wrist, head on over to grailwatch.com.

Tech Specs from Grail Watch

  • Name: Type 1 REV Grail Watch
  • Functions
    • Hours
    • Minutes
    • Seconds
    • Day of the week
  • Movement
    • Patented ROCS 1 – Ressence Orbital Convex System – driven by the minute axle of a specially modified 2892/A
    • Manual winding and time setting system via a lever on the back of the case
    • Self-winding
    • 36-hour power reserve
    • 28,800 vibrations per hour
    • 40 jewels
    • 27 gears
  • Dial
    • Convex mesh dial (radius of 125 mm) with 3 eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 3° (hours) and 4.75° (day and day of the week)
    • Engraved indications filled with grade A Superluminova
  • Case
    • Grade 5 titanium
    • Concave/convex sapphire with anti-reflective treatment
    • 41.5mm (diameter) x 11 mm (thickness)
    • Splash resistance
  • Buckle and strap
    • Ardillon buckle
    • Blue leather strap (20/20mm)
  • Components: 212
  • Weight: 67 grams
  • Price & Availability
    • CHF 22,500 (excluding VAT),
    • Limited production of 36 units, only available via grailwatch.com

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Last Update: April 26, 2022