So, yesterday, we started on the lower end in Armitron’s catalog.  Today, we’ll jump up the ladder a bit, and bring you a design that is certainly relevant to most of our interests – the analog chronograph.

The specific model shown here is the 20-4788BKSV, and offers the very familiar layout with three sub-dials, a date display, and pushers flanking the crown.  Of course, should you not be on speaking terms with that design, here’s what it offers:

  • 12 o’clock:  chrono 1/10 seconds
  • 6 o’clock:  chrono seconds
  • 9 o’clock:  chrono minutes, up to 60
  • Pusher above crown:  stop/start chronograph
  • Pusher below crown:  reset the chronograph
Slightly off...

One note here – on the sample I had, the 9 o’clock dial didn’t reset perfectly to zero – it was one minute off.  That aside, in my totally unscientific testing, the chrono functions worked perfectly well; the uni-directional bezel also offers you an un-powered timing alternative, so you could feasibly time two different things at once, should you desire.

And that bezel is something I had mixed feelings about.  On one hand, it is compact, and doesn’t add a lot of height to the watch, which helps it slip under a shirt cuff nicely.  On the other hand, while uni-directional, it did have a little more play in it than I’d prefer.

As to the rest of the watch?  The stainless steel case and bracelet certainly are not light, but nothing excessive given the material.  They both feature a nice mix of polished/brushed surfaces, and the bracelet is very easy to adjust.   I also found the deployant clasp to be sturdy (and safe, with an added fold-over clasp), and comfortable in wear.

Add in the water resistance (165 feet, or 50 meters) and the quartz accuracy, and you’ve got yourself one affordable chrono (MSRP is $165) in your choice of blue or black.  The stainless steel and mineral crystal should handle just about whatever you throw at it, and it’s styling would lend itself to just about any occasion short of black tie.


  1. Jedi, I’d have to disagree.

    Then again, I wear my nearly 20 year old Timex Triathlon (with a replacement, metal band) to black tie events as well as daily wear.

    Nothing says you need a $1000+ watch to be hidden under the cuff 90% of the time.

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