Yesterday, we started in on our review of the first Ingersoll model we have slated, the Apache.  We covered the look and feel of the piece, and took a closer look at the dial and hands.  Today, we’ll continue the tour, and wrap up with our conclusions.

Now, of various watches I’ve reviewed, this Apache model (ref IN3900RBK) garnered the most attention that any have seen in some time – clearly, it struck a chord.  For me, it was a bit of a mixed bag.  I liked the color scheme (including the matched case and numerals), as well as the modernized dress watch vibe that it put off.  I was also a fan of the leather strap with the matched butterfly deployant clasp.  I was, however, a little disappointed by the dial layout.

While I like 24-hour indicators, I really am not a fan of dials presenting as  chronographs when they don’t offer that functionality.  Here, I think we could drop those extraneous functions, and have a cleaner case and dial, and be the better for it.  Of course, this, in all practicality, would at most be a minor issue for most folks (reviewers such as myself aside).

So – is this the watch for you?  I think it’s a watch that’s suited for someone who wants a nice-looking dress automatic watch, but wants something that breaks from the traditional mold (think <40mm case, white dial, black strap).  While there are three variations in the Apache line (netting you different dial and strap colors), it appears our review sample is a 4th, special edition – and not currently listed in their catalog.

For the remaining three models, you can pick one up from Ingersoll on either side of $400 (depending on the model); for the rose gold and black one we reviewed here, you’ll need to go to a 3rd party reseller (I found some on Amazon for around $300).

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Last Update: July 26, 2012