Yesterday, we started to take a closer look at an impressive dress watch, the Limes Chyros.  Today, we’ll wrap up our review and give you a final verdict.

One surprise with this watch was the fact that it actually has lume in place.  Both the hands and the dial feature a black lume.  On the dial the lume is found in the black squares on the internal bezel.  Now, with it being a dark lume, this means it’s not the brightest in the world.  That said, it’s rare to have on a dress piece, and a nice little bonus here.

Another really nice feature that they included is on the strap.  Flip it over, and they’ve got a small loop sewn in.  This helps the loose keeper stay nicely in place.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had plenty of those slide up the strap over a day – this should prevent that from occurring.

Suffice to say, I really liked the watch when all I saw was a spec sheet and some pictures,  and the hands-on time with the piece only served to reinforce those impressions.  It is a really nice piece for daily wear at the office, or in a more formal setting.  All of the design elements are well executed, and nothing extraneous is on the watch – but what else would you expect from a German design?

Oh, and one last surprise – exchange rates have moved in the favor of us in the U.S.; at today’s rates, the Chyros will set you back about $1600.  A little steep for my own personal collection, but it is (and please, do pardon the unintended pun) a sublime watch.

 You can also see what Ariel had to say about the Chyros here.

ByPatrick Kansa

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