Yesterday, we started taking a look at the Air Stryk from our friends over at MTM.  We gave a basic rundown of all (and there’s a lot of it) the functions in the watch; today, we’ll start off by having a look at the strap.

Along with a variety of models from MTM, I’ve been working through the various strap options as well.  With the Air Stryk, I asked for it to be fitted with the ballistic nylon strap.  Regardless of how many nylon straps you’ve experienced, this one is quite different.

Yes, it supports 4.5 oz on its own

For starters, it’s a lot thicker, and less flexible, than you might expect.  While I think this will lead to durability in the long run, it does make putting the watch on more difficult than it should be, all things being the same.

So, what’s my overall take on this watch?  I liked the styling (sort of cushion-case inspired), and found it to be perfectly readable (both ana and digi).  In terms of a quartz watch, this one offers a lot of functionality (which you will need to review the manual to understand).  The strap wasn’t my favorite (seems the steel bracelets have been the most comfortable), but you’ve got several options on this model.

I think this watch fits best for someone who likes the looks of a tactical watch, and wants something that can stand up to some abuse.  It may also be handy for someone who likes to travel a lot (dual time zones) and get some exercise in while on the road (timers).  At $900, it’s not an impulse buy – but you are getting a whole lot of functionality to strap on your wrist.

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Last Update: May 20, 2012