REVIEW: MTM Air Stryk (part 1)


Yes, friends, it’s that time once again to dive into the MTM catalog to see what we can come up with.  Today, we’ll be having a look at the Air Stryk.

This particular model shares a lot of similarities with the Silencer model we look at a while ago.  While the Silencer hid it’s digital display, the Air Stryk makes it quite visible – meaning you could easily track two time zones with the digital and analog readouts.

This also means you’ve got a plethora of alarms, timers, and counters.  Hold on tight, because here’s a quick rundown of all this piece has on tap:

  • Time Display: am / pm, hour, minute, second.
  • Date Display: month-day or day-month, alarm, timer.
  • Preset Time Zones: 58 cities
  • User Defined Time Zones: 2 cities.
  • Alarms:  5 daily alarms, 1 schedule alarm (date alarm)
  • Chrono range: 23 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds, 10 + 1 lap records

Given all this, it’s not surprising to see that you’ve got a quartz movement hiding in the 45mm stainless steel case (12.5mm thick).  While the analog hands (and indices) are lumed, you also have an EL backlight for the digital displays.

Along with the steel case, you’ve got a screw-down crown and sapphire crystal that can help the watch take a beating, as well as go to water depths of 200 meters.  And though the crown screws down, the pushers do not screw down, like we saw on the Silencer.   On one hand, it makes it easy to start timing something while the watch is on your wrist (or silence an alarm); on the other, you could accidentally flip modes.

And that’s where we’ll leave things for today.  Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at the strap that came along with the watch, and give my overall conclusion.


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