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With summer upon us, you might be looking to mix up whatever strap you might have on your watch.  While many are likely changing out leather for something lighter, I’ve come across a great leather option (with a vintage military twist) out of the UK.

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Steveo Straps is based in Surrey, and they make a variety of straps, all by hand.  The strap we’re reviewing today is from their “Top End” line, and is entitled the Para Strap.  This is because one of the materials used in the construction is canvas from a vintage parachute bag (there’s your military twist).  This canvas layer is on top of really nice leather (ours was their branded vintage leather), which makes for a really slick green-brown combination.

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When you pick up a thicker leather strap, you’re never quite certain how stiff the leather is going to be.  With the Para, it was really pretty soft already, and forms to your wrist nicely.  Additionally, with the canvas layer on top, the strap slides through the tang buckle very easily – and it looks like it would help to prevent (or at least minimize) the crease you would otherwise have in a soft leather from the buckle.

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From the short time I’ve had with the strap, you can tell that this is one that is meant to be worn and pick up some age.  This is primarily due to the nature of the canvas – you’ll start to pick up some minor fraying (which is intended) at the sides of the strap and at the holes; it will also likely pick up some fading here and there, as is the nature of a dyed canvas like this.  Paired with the right watch, this worn-in nature I think could make for an outstanding look.

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Coming in at a price of $47.50 (plus shipping), this is a great option for anyone looking to pick up an alternative strap for their watch.  If you like the style, but would rather have a more subdued color, scroll down the Top End (link) page, and check out the Desert Para, which features a lighter canvas from an ammo pouch.

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