REVIEW: Suunto Quest Orange


Weather is warming up, and you’re likely thinking about getting out into that fresh air and get some exercise.  Along with that, you may be looking to pick up a new time piece (hey, its for a good cause, right?).

We’ve looked at some watches before that lash up to a heart rate monitor, but this Suunto Quest has an additional twist up its sleeve – more on that later.  First, and foremost, this is a watch that will help you track your heart rate as you exercise, be it running, walking, or biking.  You adjust it to your fitness level, and it gives you some prodding beeps to get to the target HR.

The dynamic duo

The really interesting part comes into play once you get done with your exercise.  The watch will prompt if you want to save your “move”.  You take your watch over by your computer, sync it to the included USB dongle, and your workout is getting uploaded to  In this way, you have a steady record of the work your doing, and you can compare it to others, if you want.

That part right there made things really intriguing, with the automated log of your exercise.  Of course, the large, easy to read display also makes it useful in a workout.  And should you already have a HR strap, this watch uses the ANT+ protocol, so you may be able to hook it to your existing equipment.

For me, it was a good watch to take out on the trails.  Easy to read, light weight, and it has a breathable strap.  Yes, at $250, it’s not the el cheapo you may be looking to pick up for this purpose, and it’s not for everyone.  Given the connectivity that it offers, and all of the various functionality (stopwatch, intervals, cadence, USB sync), it makes for a compelling addition to your workout gear if you’re serious about your efforts.


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