Earlier this month, we brought you news of Timex”s new Intelligent Quartz line, and today, we”re bringing you a hands-on review of their World Time Traveler.

The specific review model we were provided with is the T2N611, which has an MSRP of $150 (it can be found for less on Amazon.)  This particular variant has a cream dial, leather strap and polished case.  My initial take on this style is that they were going for a vintage feel.  Part of this, I think, is due to the narrow strap; of course, with a 43mm case, I”d prefer something a bit wider than the 20mm the lugs allow.

When I first received the watch, I pulled the crown out to adjust the time, and was greeted with something you might not expect – a digital beep.  Just a gentle reminder of the quartz heart, I suppose.  The crown itself is “signed” with the same globe graphic that the watch face has, and adjusts three of the functions on offer:

  • In the normal operating position, when you press the crown in, it activates the Indiglo backlight
  • Pull the crown out to the first position, you can adjust the time
  • Once its in the second position,  you can adjust the time.

This brings us next to the pushers that flank the crown.  They are used to adjust the world city selection (indicated by the red crescent-tipped hand), which in turn adjusts both the 24-hour indicator in the upper-left of the dial, as well as the season (Winter – Summer) indicator in the lower right.

Add in the 100m water resistance, and you”ve got a complete picture of the features this watch offers.  Nothing flashy, but something a bit more interesting than a simple date and time watch.  The 43mm case brings the watch in line with current tastes, and is very light and comfortable on the wrist.  The strap, though narrow, is slightly padded, and I experienced no issues with the buckle digging into my wrist. And of course, literally underlying this is Timex”s proven alternative to lume, the Indiglo illumination.

While I”m sure many readers of this site would prefer to add a watch containing a mechanical movement to their collections, quartz watches like this Timex do have a place with their reliable and maintenance-free movements.  With this IQ line, Timex is adding some new and unique features, and interesting styles that you don”t normally see in quartz models.


  • Generously-sized, but still lightweight, case
  • Reliable Timex quartz movement with world-time functionality
  • The Indiglo backlight


  • The 20mm band really feels too narrow for this case
  • At $150, the price feels a touch high with what we”re used to seeing for a quartz movement
  • The seasons indicator seems more like a gimmick than a truly useful feature

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Last Update: July 11, 2013

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