Surprisingly, we’ve taken an almost two-month break in our trek through the Timex catalog.  Today, we’ll be picking up where we left off, with a watch that I was surprised that I liked as much as I did.

I will say, the T2M556 (aka Dress Sport), which is part of Timex’s Elevated Classics line, had a finish that was working against it, at least in my book. I simply am not a big fan of yellow gold – whether real, or as it is here, as an applied tone.  Once I got the watch on and wore it some, though, the two-tone finish really kind of grew on me, and I found it worked well with the beige sunburst dial.

In many ways, I felt that the color scheme gave this watch an older feel.  If not full-on vintage, definitely something from, say, the 60’s or 70’s.  Further reinforcing that effect is the smaller brass case (36mm by 10mm), deployant-clasp bracelet width (18mm) and the curved mineral glass crystal.  This all serves to house the quartz movement, which drives the three-hander and the day/date displays.

Aside from the tone of the watch surprising me, it had a few others waiting in the wings.  First off, I’ve commented before how the brass-encased Timex’s seem to be on the noisier side.  While the T2M556 is far from silent, it was one of the quieter ones I’ve experienced.  Secondly, it had a weird choice made in terms of what was lumed.  There are lumed portions of the indices, but nothing on the hands.  This is less of a necessity given the Indiglo backlight, but it seems… odd.  Either lume the hands, or drop it from the indices, I’d say.

In the end, this watch struck a surprising mix for me.  While the lume choice is off-putting, it’s not a deal breaker.  And while I myself don’t have much utility for yellow gold (or yellow gold-tone), this watch does pull it off to nice effect.  If you’d like to pick up one of your own, you can pick one up from  Timex for $85.

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Last Update: December 3, 2012