Triwa has quite an intriguing collection; if you recall, I first brought them to your attention back in January.  We were fortunate to have one of the Niven line sent over for review, and I think it’s just about the perfect summertime watch.

Why is it perfect for summer?  There are a few things that I think can make a watch season, those being the color scheme, weight of the piece, and the strap that it sits on.  With the Hurricane, you’ve obviously got a primarily white dial (with an interesting pattern of its own), with the addition of red and blue accents.  Practically yells 4th of July, doesn’t it?

The case itself kind of bridges the first and second points – it’s made of acetate, and has a sort of turtle shell pattern/finish that you more commonly see on sunglasses.  Come to think of it, that’s where the material would likely be seen.  Regardless, it’s a subtle pattern that is a nice discovery when you look closer.  And the acetate of course lends to a much lighter case than you’d have with any metal.

And the last of my three criteria for a summertime watch is the strap – and here, we’ve got a 20mm NATO-style strap, again in red and blue.  Both in terms of color and feel, this strap goes perfectly with the piece, and the nylon isn’t going to make your wrist sweaty when you’re out in the sun.

The watch itself is driven by a Miyota 2115 quartz movement, which gives you basic three-hander functionality, plus a date display at 3 o’clock.  This is housed in the 38mm case with a mineral crystal up front, and a steel back.  This all adds up to net you 50m water resistance.  That might be a bit optimistic, but it should hold up to the occasional splash.

Including shipping, this watch will set you back about $200.  Cheap?  Certainly not.  However, if you want to buy just one new watch to get you through the summer, and you want a break from divers and 46mm behemoths, this is one of the best alternatives you’re going to find.

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Last Update: May 2, 2012