Wenger is one of a few brands that you probably picture when someone says Swiss Army (the other likely being Victorinox).  However, this is the first hands-on review of a Swiss Army watch we’ve done, so I’ll give the hat tip to Wenger as being “the” one.

The specific model we were sent for review is the Squadron Chrono (model 77055).  The chrono bit is self-explanatory, but what about the Squadron name?  For that, I’ll refer to their materials:

Timepieces dedicated to the Search & Rescue squadron pilots worldwide; those who are always prepared to assist the unfortunate active outdoor aficionados who find themselves off course or in even worse predicaments. These airmen rely on their timepieces for accurate and legible time-keeping, dead-reckoning navigation as well as a host of other related time keeping factors of importance, such as a stopwatch, countdown or elapsed mission time.

As to whether or not these see active duty, I can’t say.  I can tell you that it worked rather nicely in my daily usage, however.  First off, a quick run-down of the specs:

  •  Swiss quartz movement
  • 43mm stainless steel case with uni-directional bezel and screw-on caseback
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 12-hour chronograph function
  • Date display
  • 100m water resistance
  • 22mm rubber strap

You might not be happy about a quartz movement, but in this watch, it offers a few advantages.  One, of course, being the accuracy.  More importantly for this piece, however, is it allows for a rather thin (11mm) watch.  This allows it to be unobtrusive in daily wear, as well as cutting down on the weight of the piece.

So, yes, it fits quite easily under a shirt cuff.  For now, we’ll hide it back under the cuff, until we pick things back up tomorrow.


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Last Update: April 8, 2012