Mühle Glashütte Teutonia Chronograph goes racing

March 9, 2017 . by Jim Manley

Their current focus may be “nautische instrumente,” but the first dials Mühle Glashütte produced were for speedometers and rev counters. That means it’s fitting they’ve returned to the racetrack with this facelift of the Teutonia chronograph. The Teutonia Sport I is a redesign of the German firm’s Teutonia II dress chronograph. The family resemblance is obvious: applied stick hour markers; ~42 mm…

Pit-row preview: Introducing the Geckota C-1 Racing Chronograph

February 21, 2017 . by Jim Manley

I have to wonder if Geckota is embarrassed by its new C1 Racing Chronograph. They shouldn’t be; although it’s obviously a Heuer Camaro homage it brings plenty of new ideas to the table. But they seem to want to avoid that inspiration because the Camaro is just about the only chronograph they don’t mention in…

Hands-on with the Manchester Watch Works Morgan Chronograph

June 17, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

As you saw the other week, a crowd-funded project caught John’s eye. He wrote up the Manchester Watch Works Morgan, while (unbeknownst to him) a prototype of one of those very watches was winging its way my direction. I have spent a little bit of time with the watch, and now it’s time to give you my impressions of the watch.

Virata watches rev in from the heartland

March 29, 2016 . by John Biggs

Virata watches, created by an engineer named Patrick in Canton, Ohio, are styled after the race cars he loves. Designed to look as aerodynamic as a Formula 1 bruiser or a modern muscle car, Patrick is hoping his automatic pieces strike a chord for the modern watch lover.

Introducing the Lew & Huey Legends Racer

December 4, 2014 . by Patrick Kansa

The Lew & Huey Legends Racer is a great combination of classic racing watches in a modern, and affordable, package.

Christopher Ward Does A Red Shift

March 11, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Our previous looks at the latest Chr. Ward models have been blue, through and through.  And while that”s my favorite color, I realize others might prefer something a bit warmer in hue.  If so, then their latest pre-order is going to be right up your alley.