It’s December, and there is a lot going on.  Well, let’s add one more item to your list – getting your entry in for this month’s giveaway!  This time around, we’ve got what many folks view as their favorite complication – a chronograph.  This of the quartz variety, and comes in the form of the Zinvo Chronograph.

Now, it was much earlier this year that we reviewed the Zinvo Chronograph, and you can see our full rundown on the watch over there.  Suffice to say, you’ve got the small propeller going on (which the Zinvo lineup is known for), chronograph functions powered by a Miyota 6S21 movement, and this particular example comes in the gunmetal finish.  You can see that from the photos, of course, but figured it’s worth calling out. Also worth calling out?  The brand currently lists all of their chronographs as being out of stock, so this is a perfect way to get your hands on something you can’t find anywhere else.

Entering the giveaway is just as simple as any other ones we’ve done:

  1. Comment below with what your favorite complication is, and what watch represents it best, in your book
  2. Head on over to our giveaway widget (HERE) to complete your entry

Make sure you do both parts to be eligible; contest is open to readers in North America.  Thanks for being a loyal reader, and good luck!