The Reverie GT is a driving-inspired mecha-quartz chronograph that is priced to move. The $350 watch features a sweep seconds hand and minute chrono register along with a 24-hour dial at 3 o’clock. The piece comes in three colors – rose gold, blue, and white – and is surprisingly elegant. I, for one, am a fan.

The watch comes to us from Reverie, a company that has run successful Kickstarters before. They’ve surpassed their $3K goal and should be shipping the watches in January, a welcome goal. The piece we tested looked very formal with a bit of driving energy and looks good with suits and formal wear. This isn’t a casual watch. All of the details – from the thin hands to the guilloched dial, scream Bentley vs. Baby Driver.

The most interesting thing is the movement. It’s a mechaquartz which means at acts like a mechanical and there is no quartz ticking. From the site:

The GT’s engine is a Seiko VK64 mecha-quartz movement imported from Japan. A mecha-quartz movement is a hybrid movement combining the accuracy of a quartz watch with the beauty in motion of traditional mechanical chronographs. This means that the GT’s seconds hand moves in a sweeping motion similar to a mechanical watch (instead of ticking one second at a time) and has an instant fly-back function when the chronograph is reset.

The VK64 movement truly offers the best of both worlds: Japanese time-keeping accuracy and elegant mechanical action. It also has other benefits compared to mechanical chronographs, such as better accuracy, a slimmer profile, lower cost, and lesser weight.

True to the GT’s driving roots, the chronograph function allows you to time your drives. The GT’s tachymeter scale also lets you measure your speed over a fixed distance. It is the perfect accompaniment for your next road-trip.

Good driving watches are hard to find but this cute, handsome, and elegant piece is surprisingly nice, surprisingly cool, and a very good value. I am, as usual, honestly very impressed.

Last Update: December 15, 2017