Back in January, we brought you word of the new Timex Marlin Jet Automatic (you can read that here). Since that initial article, we’ve had one in for some hands-on time. So, now it’s time to let you know what we think of the Timex Marlin Jet Automatic.

  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic
  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic
  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic
  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic

Vintage Looks

The aesthetic of the Timex Marlin Jet Automatic is really the headline here. You’ve got a 38mm case that feels compact for modern designs. When we see a smaller case, we immediately think comfort, as well as a nod to the past.

Where things really dive into the history books are is with the sector dial. You’ve got the lines radiating out from the pivot neatly slicing things into four. Balanced above that is the logo, and under is the model name. Then, you have a 24-hour subdial over on the left, which at first feels to unbalance the dial. But, you know what? It keeps the watch from being TOO symmetrical, which helps the design.

  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic
  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic

About that crystal

On the Timex Marlin Jet Automatic, you’ve got a heavily domed crystal, made of Hesalite. While it protrudes above the mid-case, it does so to do something interesting. First, it gives a totally smooth surface to the top half of the watch. That’s handy for slipping it under a shirt cuff. Secondly, it keeps things bezel-free, and allows for the engraving to happen below the 6 o’clock position (see in the carousel above).

  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic
  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic

What about lume?

Well, friend, you won’t find any on the Timex Marlin Jet Automatic. Again, that keeps with the vintage vibe here. The indices are applied, but the stripe running down the middle of them is black paint. The handset, those are just polished, no paint of any sort. So, no, this is not a watch to keep you on track while you play hide-and-seek in the dark.

  • Timex Marlin Jet Automatic

Wearing the Timex Marlin Jet Automatic

Even though the case profile is a bit tall in comparison to the diameter, the Timex Marlin Jet Automatic is a rather comfortable watch to wear. It’s not a particularly heavy watch, and then there’s the strap. The textile strap is woven, and quite breathable. Without any preset notches for the buckle to hit, you can get the perfect fit to your wrist, and quickly and easily adjust it throughout the day if needed.

Timex Marlin Jet Automatic

Wrapping things up

In short, there’s a lot to like about the $289 Timex Marlin Jet Automatic. With the woven strap and clean color palette, this will be a great watch for the warmer months, and can easily dress itself up to work for those more formal outdoors occasions. The one downer to note on this automatic is that it is currently out of stock. You can check out the details, and watch for it to be back in stock directly at

Timex Marlin Jet Automatic Tech Specs

  • Japanese Automatic Movement
  • 24-hour Sub-dial
  • Hesalite Domed Crystal
  • 50M Water Resistant
  • 38mm Case, 19mm Lug

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