If you recall, last summer I brought you word of place you could get a custom watch built – well, “off the shelf” parts and a custom dial, made to your liking (right here).  If that piqued your interest, read on for a discount code…

For the remainder of the month of July, you can get 20% off your order by using the code online27juni.  Considering we were able to build our own example (automatic, of course) for around $200, you could design yourself a decent watch for well under $200 with this discount – not too shabby!

By Patrick Kansa

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11 thoughts on “Want A Discount On A Custom Watch?”
  1. This may be my solution to my desire to get an automatic chrono for under $800 or so. At $200, I don’t even need to run it by the wife.

    How is the watch you built holding up?

  2. I’ve tried for 3 days to buy a watch from few Their credit card processing company keeps throwing an “internal error”. When I wrote to fewsome to explain my inability to order their product, they were not interested in investigating. In fact, their automated response took more than an hour to get back to me. They do not present themselves as a serious company.

    1. I’ve received word back that they were having a problem, and it’s now been resolved.

      1. I tried one more time last night and my payment was finally processed and I was able to place an order. It just struck me as odd that someone making their living via Internet credit card transactions would not be aware that their ability to receive payment was down for a few days.

  3. Ken I had the same problem last December. I sent them many messages and they did not care that I could not purchase my watch.So the fact it has taken them this long to fix the problem is a little bit worrying.

  4. Certainly a late entry on this post but you’ll see why below.

    I read this post and checked out the site and liked what I saw. I ‘designed’ my watch.

    I had no trouble ordering it and it was in my hands about 10 days later… inoperable. The hands couldn’t be moved with the crown in the setting position (pulled all the way out) and they wouldn’t move when the watch was wound or the rotor moved by watch movement.

    I contacted Fewsome. After some prodding, they suggested I take it to a local watchmaker (and they’d knock off $50) or return it. My local watchmaker opened it and just shook his head. He pronounced it unrepairable.

    So I returned it and waited, and waited. All contacts with Fewsome required prodding to get any non-automated response. Now, 2 months later, it’s fixed (they said they’d repair rather than replace).

    That said, I really like the watch… of course, why wouldn’t I, since it was my design.

    It’s early yet but the movement seems to be pretty accurate and the case is well finished for the price. The leather band is basic but ok.

    So, make of this what you will. At this price point I think it is a good deal, even adding in the return postage. But YMMV.

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