At this point, you’re likely familiar with Berd Vay’e and the clever sculptures they create with watch movement parts and resin (and if you’re not, check out our prior articles). Well, now they’ve partnered up with the crew over at The Watch Stand to give you something with a bit of function, in the form of The Watch Stand x Berd Vay’e.

Prior Berd Vay’e creations have been cubes, spheres, or even skulls embedded with the watch movement parts. These – to my eye – make great pieces that would be awesome on a desk or a bookshelf, as a way to have something different that showcases an interest in watches, without having logos of your favorite brands plastered all over the wall. The same basic concept is used here for the base of The Watch Stand x Berd Vay’e, with a small square of their expertly-placed components forming the base.

Rising up from that you’ve got a steel or brass pole, on top of which is mounted a padded pillow. This, this is where you are to place your precious watch (or two, if you like) for a spot to rest and have them displayed. So, sure, in a sense, it’s a bit more functional than a sphere on a shelf. However, I don’t know about you, but for me, if a watch isn’t on my wrist, it’s tucked away in a case of some sort to protect it from any sort of accidental damage. They’re not safe queens, but just simply having something out in the open like this, well, seems like you’re inviting disaster.

And let’s consider what type of watch is going to be placed on the The Watch Stand x Berd Vay’e. To be sure, it could be any watch, there’s no limits here. However, when you consider that it costs $1,495, it’s not going to be the folks with the $300 indie diver popping a watch on here. No, you’re firmly in luxury watch territory, and just having it out and about like that, I simply don’t get it. I mean, if you want easy access, even a softly-lined valet tray would be better (since it’s on the surface) than this, in my book.

So, obviously, the The Watch Stand x Berd Vay’e is not targeted at me. I don’t get this sort of display (unless you have it tucked away in the china cabinet), even if I do rather like the material the base is made from. However, I know you all are not me, so I’m sure someone out there is liking this. In fact, I know so, as the steel version is actually sold out, while the brass version is still available. If you want one, head on over to to get yours.

ByPatrick Kansa

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