Ever since we discovered, some years ago, what Berd Vay’e was creating, we were enamored. Taking old watch components that would have otherwise been headed to the melting pot or the scrap heap, they’ve been making very interesting Lucite sculptures that are visually stunning, and have your love of mechanical watches hiding in plain site. Their latest creation goes by the name “Bright Idea”.

The Berd Vay’e Bright Idea takes the shape of the incandescent light bulb. Just as LED bulbs are replacing those now, there’s some sense of digital smart watches also encroaching on the territory held by mechanical watches. Our opinion is that they’ll be around for forever (or at least as long as there are people who know how to maintain them), but it’s an interesting analogue between the two.

For the Berd Vay’e Bright Idea, the light bulb is filled with watch components, individually selected and placed. What’s new about this design – aside from the shape – is the inclusion of a lighting element. Fitting as it’s a light bulb, this should add even more visual interest, particularly as the light hits the components set within.

The Berd Vay’e Bright Idea is available now, in two sizes. 1,500 of each are planned to be created; pricing is $10,800 for the smaller size and $18,000 for the large. berdvaye.com

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Last Update: June 14, 2023

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