You know Berd Vay’e, right? I mean, you should, as we’ve covered them a decent amount. Simply put, they take old watch movement parts, clean them up, and then place them carefully into some clever, clear sculptures. I’m partial to their “Borg Cube” models (officially called Galaxy or Time Squared), but their latest collection should be of particular interest to the The Queen’s Gambit crew – the Berd Vay’e Checkmate.

As with their other creations, the Berd Vay’e Checkmate is made of lucite, with the watch parts placed just so to get the desired look. For this collection, you’ve got a choice of six different oversized chess pieces with which to give a bit of class to your bookshelf:

  • Pawn: 12 x 5.875 inches; 8lbs, $7,500.00 USD
  • Knight: 16 x 7 inches; 15lbs, $9,800.00 USD
  • Bishop: 15 x 7 inches; 15lbs, $8,800.00 USD
  • Rook: 14 x 7 inches; 16lbs, $8,800.00 USD.
  • Queen: 17x 8 inches; 17lbs, $10,800.00 USD
  • King: 18 x 8 inches; 17lbs, $10,800.00 USD

So, yes, these are quite sizeable, and I’d recommend against flipping the table they’re on should you be losing. Then again, you’re not likely to have a custom chess board filled with these – unless you’ve been taking a number of tournament purses as of late. Either way, it’s an interesting new style from the brand, for sure. Not for me, perhaps, but they’re still pretty awesome looking. You can order your own directly at

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Last Update: November 17, 2021