It’s time for our weekly roundup of articles that I found interesting around the web this week, as well as what you’ve found interesting in our own pages.Carl-F-Bucherer-Patravi-ScubaTec-2

First up, we’ve got Ariel’s review (over on aBlogtoWatch) of Carl F. Bucherer’s new diver, the Patravi ScuvaTec.  While Ariel liked this beefy take on the dive category, he feels CFB could’ve uppped the ante a bit with their design.  Where he did think it really excels is in the dial, as its a master of legibility.  If you’re looking for a luxury diver, you owe it to yourself to check out the review.  source


Next up, we have an extremely impressive piece that F.P. Journe have released to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of Francois-Paul Journe releasing his first pocket watch to the world.  This piece has impeccable finishing (check out the article to see all of the texture).  I also really enjoy the fact that they’ve made the case back flip open (like a pocket watch cover) to see the movement – an excellent nod to the original.  source


Finally, we’ve got an article that is something I’d normally slot more into our Historical Horology series.  Unfortunately, the week got away from me, and that series won’t have an entry tomorrow.  In it’s stead, I’d recommend you check out this article that I found that talks about chronograph complications.  It’s a topic we’ve covered now and again, but it’s always one worth revisiting, as the complication is so popular.  source

Nite-MX10-400T (2)

Now, we’ll turn our attention to our own pages.  By a far margin, you seemed to really respond to our review of the Nite MX10-400T.  This presents a mid-size package with a reliable quartz movement, always fun tritium illumination, and a decided lack of “tacticool” styling, which I know some folks are looking for.  If you don’t have a watch with tritium illumination, I heartily recommend one for some variety in the watch box, and this Nite is a nice way to jump in.


Our second most popular article from the last week was our last Historical Horology entry, where we had some discussion on why ETA is so predominant in the watch world (when it comes to movements used), and some look at why this may, or may not, be a good thing.  source

Christopher-Ward-C1000-Typhoon (1)

Last, but certainly not least, Christoper Ward’s latest watch, the C1000 Typhoon, really caught your eye (and mine as well).  We’re big fans of what CW is creating, and while their forays into some higher end pieces aren’t going to be for everyone (or their wallet), it is nice to see this affordable brand stretching their wings some, and see what they can create when the budgets are loosened up a bit.  source

And that covers things for this week!  As always, if you think there’s something I’ve missed (or really feel is worth a mention in a future article), feel free to email me your thoughts.

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