Ziiiro-Titan-Pocket-Watch-04 Back in November, we brought you word of ZIIIRO’s latest model, a pocket watch that goes by the name of Titan .While that post covered things in more of a general sense, we’ve got one in for review – so let’s take a closer look, shall we? Of the five colors available (azure, cherry, purple, black, and chrome), we were sent one in the cherry color. Given that it’s a matte finish on the 48mm anodized aluminum case, the color is actually a little hard to pin down. A lot of it depends on the light you’re in – sometimes it looks more red, other times it shifts towards a slightly pink look. If anything, I suppose that just allows this particular model to be a bit more unisex. Color-shifting aside, the finish was evenly applied, and did not make the case feel slippery in the hands at all. Ziiiro-Titan-Pocket-Watch-10 Given the larger case size, this is a comfortable one to hold in the hand, and press the plunger to trigger backlight. There are two more recessed plungers on either side of the case – the type you need a small tool or pin to depress. These are utilized for setting the time on the watch, which should be a “set it and forget it” operation, as the battery should provide several years of use between changes. Reading the time on the Titan is pretty easy as well – you just need to look where the segments end on the “reversed” LCD screen to tell the time. I suppose you could count the segments if you wanted, or you can just envision watch hands in your mind and approximate the time (which is what I generally did). I was thrown off a bit to see the glossy finish on the hardened mineral crystal, I have to say. It’s a touch jarring from the matte finish of the case, though not out of the norm (as most of our watch crystals are shiny as well). Ziiiro-Titan-Pocket-Watch-12 I wonder if a finish could be applied to it to cut down glare (aka an AR coating) and make it seem more matte in appearance, or maybe even some sort of screen protector – this is, of course, going to be bouncing around in a pocket. Unless you would rather wear it as a pendant, which is another use Ziiiro suggests. I can’t say as I tested that particular carry mode, but given it’s relatively light weight (40g, exclusive of the chain), I could see it being used in that way. If you do want to do that, you’ll need to supply your own chain or cord for it, as it only comes with a steel cord (in either chrome or PVD black). If you use the included cord, it’s just like the “old timey” pocket watch chains, where it hooks onto the watch, and then has a clip to attach to a pocket or the like. These chains can be quite handy, as you just need to tug on it to get the watch out of a pocket, rather than digging around to fish it out. This is particularly useful if you’re got the watch tucked away in a smaller pocket, such as the small fifth pocket on jeans. Ziiiro-Titan-Pocket-Watch-01 While I myself am not particular a pocket watch guy (though I may be at some point, as I wrote about here), this was a nice, neo-modern take on the design to carry around. I still think the $189.99 pricetag is appropriate for the model, and it does feel like you’re getting what you’re paying for – a smaller batch, unibody pocketwatch. It won’t be for everyone, no, but if you like that juxtaposition of new and old, this is a great way to get that quirkiness in your life. Oh, and if you prefer to do your shopping via Amazon, you can find the Titan there as well.  ziiiro.com Ziiiro-Titan-Pocket-Watch-07 Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Ziiiro Titan
  • Price: $189.99
  • Who’s it for?: The person who digs the form-factor of a pocketwatch, but is looking for something updated for the digital era
  • Would I wear it?: Probably not – I find a wrist watch just a bit more handy – and if I go for a pocket watch, I’d likely dive into it’s mechanical history (and possibly take it apart)
  • What I’d change: A low-gloss coating on the screen, or maybe even a hunter-case style flip cover
  • The best thing about it: The smooth, unibody look and feel of the piece.

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