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What’s that? You say you’re trying to create a watch via crowdfunding, and you arrived at this idea because nothing else out there met your idea of a perfect watch? While this may ring true for many creators, it’s a line that has been trotted out time and again, and it simply does not get our engines turning over. No, for that, you have to offer up something that is particularly different from what has come before, and that is where watches like the Mansfield Time Automatica One jump ahead of the pack.


Since our travel budget can’t adsorb tickets to Switzerland, I am going to have to enjoy Basel virtually, hence the all BaselWorld 2016 edition of Watching Video Rewind. Yes, this is our weekly feature where we highlight watch videos we think might be of interest. I have a tourbillon from Tag Heuer, new watches from Seiko and Breitling. I usually start pulling this together before I look at the previous week’s article, but I am always amazed how Patrick and I frequently key in on totally different watches, even when we are looking at videos from the same event. If you have not checked it out, go look at last weeks videos for a different take on the show.


It is Saturday again, so it is once again time for Watching the Web, where we take you on a spin through the world of on-line watch sites, as well as highlight some of our most popular posts for the last week or so. This week, I am going to highlight a very timely release from Romain Jerome that I know Patrick loves, one of th emost interesting bits of news out of Basel, and a list of one site’s top watches from the show. Here at our site, we have a review of the Filson Dutch Harbor, a request from Janis Trading for a bit of help from the fans, and the Hastings Heritage Edition.


We have curtailed our coverage of Kickstarter watches, as too many of them have suffered from a case cookie cutter-itis, and frankly, did not look all that different from each other. Prior to that self-imposed restraint, we also stopped covering wood case watches, as there simply was not enough interesting about what we were seeing, as compared to what came before them. Managing to get past our defenses on both counts, we have the Hikaro Watch, currently funding on Kickstarter.


There seems to be a run on watch brands looking for input from their customers. It is a benefit of this new watch economy that allows the smaller indie brands to reach out directly to the consumer. We saw it before with both Prometheus LINK and Janis Trading LINK, and now we’re seeing it from Uhuru Watches. There was an update that came out earlier this week on their new Ukhozi Pilot watch that also served as a method for asking for that input. Before we get to that, let’s see what the