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Weiss Watch Company Standard Issue, Just Your Standard American Issue

Matt Himmelstein By Matt Himmelstein

American watches have been popping up more and more on the site, some by design and some by accident. The Weiss Watch Standard Issue is one of those accidental finds, something I came across while checking out site dedicated to cool toys for guys. The fact that is it is assembles in Los Angeles, a few miles from where I write this and the city where I grew up, is a bonus in my eyes. I am a fan of clean, readable designs with interesting touches, so this watch really ticks off the right boxes for me.


The American-made Smith & Bradley Sans-13 Giveaway (July)

Patrick Kansa By Patrick Kansa

Since it’s July, and the 4th is just around the corner, we thought it would be great if we could get an American watch in the mix. Thing of it is, there aren’t a lot of American watch manufacturers these days, especially ones who could turn something around for us at short notice. Then, we remembered our pals over at Smith & Bradley.


Historical Horology: Why Would You Want A Vintage American Watch?

Patrick Kansa By Patrick Kansa

At some point in your watch collecting life, you’ll very likely feel the siren call of a vintage watch. Perhaps it’s something you’re looking for to have a “birth year” watch, or you want something that happens to have been made locally to where you live. Aside from these (and many other) good reasons, there’s still a larger question – why even bother with these earlier watches? Why not just go for something that’s modern and presumably more reliable and accurate?