While tirelessly scouring the web for new and interesting watches to bring to your attention, dear reader, I came across KM Independent Watchmaker, located in Sisters, Orgeon.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you too much in the way of details regarding the watch, except that it is visually stunning.  The website doesn’t list too much in the way of specifications, but Mr. Myrick does appear to have the training and skills to back up the piece.  His shop also offers some other interesting services, including:

  • Full restoration work on antique models – this can include recreation of any missing or damaged parts with the full on-site machine shop
  • Custom casebacks ( in other words, a great way to show off the movement on your vintage watch)
  • Custom dials

Really, if you have a few minutes to spare, I suggest you go to website and click through the galleries.  There are some really beautiful bits of machined metal being turned out.  And, should you be so enticed, I’m betting you should get in touch with the company to inquire about a custom watch – as it appears quite a bit could be customized.  Mesh that with his passion for horology, and the new equipment just received into his shop, and I imagine you could come up with a very unique timepiece.



(All photos courtesy of KM Independent Watchmaking)

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