Yesterday, Matt let us in on his quest for a sub-$500 automatic chronograph via a new watch he found on Kickstarter.  While he was underwhelmed, it did make him think about what else is in there in that segment.  While this listing is by no means exhaustive, it is a nice, compact overview of the various makes and models you could find for under $500.  Now, without further ado…

  • There is this beast from Seiko for $400 (product page), but it is not my style:


  • Here is an Invicta () for $611 (better, but um, no):


  • A very nice Tissot diver (ABTW Hands on) that is on sale at Amazon () for $800, but I wasn”t dying for a diver.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Watches Hands On   tissot

At $800 (unless someone else snatches it), the Tissot is certainly the cream of this crop (especially since I can”t find the Magrette), but what else is out there in this range for a nice looking automatic chronograph?  My birthday was last week folks, where should I point my wife with her credit card?

Let us know in the comments folks – what do you think of Matt”s list?  Is there something he”s obviously missing and should be considered?  In other words, what”s YOUR favorite watch (that you have or want to get) for around the $500 mark?

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13 thoughts on “A Quick Survey Of Watches Around $500”
  1. Anonymous – I could not find a CW in the price range. I have one of their pilot watches, and love the brand, but the chronos in this range are quartz.

    I never looked at Steinharts. The NAV B is nice looking watch, but without the VAT it is up at the top of the price range at around $900 (http://www.steinhartwatches.de/en/Nav-B-Chrono-II-Black-DLC,458.html)

    Joshua – Replies like yours is why I posed the question. I was unaware of the Seagull until you brought it up (http://www.seagull1963.com/17-seagull-1963-air-force-watch-42mm-gold.html). It is not my style, but it certainly fits in with the requirements.

  2. The Magrette Moana Pacific is sold out but they have the Regattare Chrono which I recently purchased. Same watch without the diver bezel. $499.00 with the same movement. Looks even better without the diver bezel.

  3. The Moana PVD is supposed to be reissued this summer, at least according to some info I have. The Regattare is an alternative if you want to stay away from the pure diver look and don’t want the PVD.

  4. I don’t know I did not see the Tissot, since I did search Amazon. The site has an odd way of searching, and a lot of quartz watches come up when I look for automatics. The other two are just over $800, which is where I capped my “around $500” search.

    It is so easy to creep on price and look at stuff that is just $50 more, then just $50 more than that.

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