More often than not, when someone is looking for an extremely durable everyday watch, they”ll go to the G-Shock line, and for good reason.  They”ve got an established track record as one of, if not the, most abuse-proof watches.  But what if you”re not a fan of digital readouts?

If that”s the case, Bathys has you covered with their new Benthic Ti: Kevlar.  As you might guess, you”ve got two rather interesting (and durable) materials in the mix here on this watch.  The 48mm (15mm thick) case is comprised of titanium; the 24mm strap is made of Kevlar (yes, the bulletproof vest stuff – not just some coated nylon).  This means, short of taking a hammer to that 3.9mm thick(!) sapphire crystal, this sucker should hold up very nicely.

I bet you”re wondering if the movement will stand up to some abuse, aren”t you?  Well, here, it should – there”s a Ronda 7003 Mastertech quartz movement ticking away, as well as driving the retrograde day and large date displays.  Yes, it would be “fun” to see a nice automatic stuffed in the case, but for an abuse-proof watch, quartz makes sense.

On top of this all, I think the dial has a very clean design.  It”s extremely legible, balanced, and has a nice mix of color without being too garish.  Yes, inverting the colors on the date display would be a welcome change, but it”s certainly no deal breaker.  If you want to get one, you”ll want to get your  in soon.  As they will only be making 100 pieces, I have a suspicion these will go fast, even at the $595 asking price.

ByPatrick Kansa

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