Yes, it’s no secret here – I’m a fan of what Magrette brings to the table with their watches.  Their latest model, which just went up for pre-order, looks like another hit.

This model follows with what I’m calling their design DNA, and features a familar case 44mm design and font usage on the dial.  While it still retains a 500 meter water resistance rating  (including a pressure relief valve), they’re going for a more polished look and feel – hence the name Moana Pacific Professional.

I think they’ve accomplished that with the dial and case finishes (rose gold/grey, black/black, and stainless/blue). as well as the “all bezel” look accomplished with the ceramic insert bezel on top of the case.  They’re also using a new (to Magrette) movement, the Miyota 9015.  We’ve seen other watches on these pages with that same movement, so it’s in good company.

I also like the inclusion of the lumed bezel, as that’s just a great feature to have, and it definitely increases readability, day or night.  The last change we have is on the rubber strap.  For the first time (that I’ve seen), it’s coming with a steel deployant on it.  Not something I’ve seen with the Magrette’s we’ve reviewed, and definitely less common on a rubber strap.

So, while there have been changes made with this particular model (all good ones), one thing remains unchanged – the affordable pricing.  You’ll pay either $545 (steel case), $575 (PVD) or $595 (rose gold), plus another $30 for shipping.  Yes, it’s a slight increase over previous models, but I think it’s merited, given the improvements and adjustments made.  If you’d like to get in line for yours (it will be a limited edition), you can pre-order yours here by putting $150 down; delivery is expected for May 2013.


ByPatrick Kansa

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