It would easy to dismiss Breitling as a brand only catering to men, as large parts of the catalog cater to that gender.  They’ve recently introduced a new model specifically for the fairer sex – though I think it’s a bit more flexible than that.

The model in question is the Transocean Chronograph 38, and that name is particularly revealing of the relevant specs for this model:

  • Movement:  1/4th second chronograph (Breitling 41 automatic, COSC-certified)
  • Case:  38mm (steel or rose gold)

Here, I believe they’re targeting this for women by housing the watch in a 38mm case (as compared to the previous 43mm design) – no heart shapes or embellished crystals, thankfully – just a slightly reduced version of a very clean and classic chronograph design.  And in that regard, I think this watch is actually more flexible than the marketing would lead you to believe.


While I myself am comfortable with watches going up to 46mm or so, I can see the appeal of a smaller watch – as would many guys, especially those with smaller wrists.  Regardless of if its a guy or gal slapping this on, it’s a nice watch.  Along with the specs I mention above, you also have the following:

  • Double-AR coated (and convex) sapphire crystal
  • Leather strap or steel bracelet
  • 100 meter water resistance

In the end, it’s a nice clean design, whether you’re a woman who’s looking for a more oversized watch, or a guy looking for something smaller than a dinner plate to strap on to your wrist.  Whichever camp you find yourself in, you’ll want to check your bank balance – the rose gold model (on the crocodile strap) is $18,160; the stainless steel model comes in at $6,350.

Transocean Chronograph 38_Steel_Sideways

ByPatrick Kansa

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